2017-2018 On Hill Events Calendar

a   We try post up to 12 months out however during race season it is difficult to always keep up with the next year. Stay close to emails and check back for dates.


New for On Hill Events in 2017

Less races but higher quality and more participants. We hope that cutting a few of our races in 2017 will help us spend more time on each race individually, thus improving the level of response time to our races and having more sponsors and fun at the finish.

Updating some courses. We are planning on updating a few of our courses in 2017 with a new course for the Layton Marathon with more Antelope Island especially for the Half Marathon, 10K and 5K. We have updated the last 1.5 miles of the East Canyon Marathon as well with a finish at the Morgan County Fairgrounds. This will allow for more vendors and less confusion in the old parking lot. We may change a few other races slightly as well.

In 2017 We are working on improving our timing of our races. We have added extra timing antennas and higher end chips. Something we are striving to do is add faster turn around on results on the websites. It is our hope that we can post these results within minutes after the race is complete. It is our goal to see 100% perfect results and pickups as well with the additional antennas and higher end chips.


On Hill Events was established in 2008 and has produced over 125 races in those years. Over the years and races we have learned the best ways to serve our racers without requiring our racers to pay more for their races like so many other race companies. Some of things we have learned is to be able to be able to work with local communities to ensure we have the highest levels of safety and community support.

Our courses have become the highest quality in marking, measurements and volunteer support. Though it is impossible to prevent all racers from getting lost on a course we pride ourselves in our standards to keep racers on track with a combination of volunteers, spray chalk and highly visible signs.

New Refund Policy in 2016 (continued in 2017)* - In 2016 racers can defer their race to a future open race if they do so within 15 Days of the race for only a $15 fee (Excluding the Full/Half Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon). We also allow free transfers to other racers so you should never lose a race registration fee ever again. No race company in Utah has this great of a policy and with 15+ races you should never have to worry about finding a race that fits your needs. This also helps racers to never fear to register too early and be able to take advantage of early bird prices. See refund policy for details.

*Refund Policy




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